Mazer 2-in-1 USB-C + Micro-USB connector ensure that wide compatiblility of mobile devices with ease of use for consumers.

Charge and sync macbook, your smartphone, tablet, USB-C or micro-usb devices with Mazer's 2-in-1 USB to USB-C + Micro USB cable. Both ends of this cable are encased in aluminum to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure durability long after you've moved on to your next device. 

Reinforced Core to ensure Durability of cable with more than 10,000+ round of 180 degree bends.

Mazer 2-in-1 USB-C + Micro-USB 3.1A Fast Charging Cable-1.2M

    • Charge and sync your Android,macbook and Windows smartphones and tablets.
    • Works with digital cameras, speakers, recorders, and any other USB-C and micro USB device.
    • Encased in aluminum and shielded to reduce electromagnetic interference.
    • Durable and long-lasting by Reinforced-Core.
    • Mazer M-KS-U72 X 1pc