UV Sterilization and wireless charging for handphones , can use for all smartphones in market as long as support wireless charging . Iphone 11, iPhone 11 pro , iPhone 11 max , Samsung note 10 , samsung note 10+, samsung note 10 ultra , samsung s20 series etc , huawei mate

Features UV-C light that kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens

Internal aroma diffuser function which provides aroma to your devices

Sanitizes multiple items at once

Two types of timed disinfection modes (18 mins & 30 mins)

Non-slip silicone mat inside UV Box

This is a SGS certified product

What's in the box:
UV Sanitizer box with wireless charging x1
USB-C to US-A cable (1m) x1
Instruction Manual x1

mazer UV Sanitizing (KILL GERMS) Box with Wireless Charging